We at Peepal Kothi follow the tenets of The Slow Food movement and also ascribe to the Locavore principles of sourcing food from the neighbourhood, so as to have almost negligible carbon footprint. We provide unpretentious and wholesome food to our guests, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, by using traditional cooking methods, like wood and coal fire. We are also reviving local food practices which contain the richness of local coarse grains like Bajra, Jowar and corn.

Despite adhering to our beliefs of slow food and traditional cooking methods, we try to strike a balance between our beliefs and what guests want when they come out to Peepal Kothi to relax and be pampered. As all meals are included in our tariff, we have put together an eclectic menu so that our guests can chose their preferred meals.


Slow Food Offering

Peepal Kothi

Slow Food Cooking